Brief overview about Log House

Quote Log homes replace traditional stick framing walls with walls composed of horizontally stacked logs that are both the exterior façade and the interior walls. The logs are machined to fit together with tongue and grooves. The logs are mechanically fastened together and sealed with caulk between each log. The logs are notched to fit together at corners. Windows and door rough openings are cut out of the log wall. In order to compliment the log walls some log homes will have wood workings inside the house such as wood floors, wood windows, wood doors and wood roofing.

Most log home manufacturers sell log home packages to build a home according to a floor plan that the company has designed. These packages vary in options and prices.

Clients Testimonials

  • "I was very happy to have the first log home in lebanon done by the log house's special and professional team."

  • "I was very greatful to own this first touristic resort constructed by log wood "

  • "It gave a new and special touch to swaray resort."

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